Prices of LocalCatcat-sitter service

Consultation fee: free

Prior to the very first cat sitting, a cat sitter in your local area will visit you in order to get acquainted with you and your pet before the first visit.

LocalCat fee categories:

LocalCat fee categories from the 1st of January 2023:

A-category: For 1–7 days of cat sitting: 4750 HUF
B-category: For 8–14 days of cat sitting: 4275 HUF

C-category: For 1–7 days of cat sitting: 8550 HUF
D-category: For 8–14 days of cat sitting: 7695 HUF

OTHER NEEDS: by arrangement

DROP OFF FEE: 1000 HUF / visit


EXTRA CAT FEE: 500 HUF / extra cat / visit
(We charge a +500 HUF surcharge for each “extra cat” per cat-sitting occasion)

WATERING PLANTS: by arrangement

If you need some other type of service not listed above, just contact us!

The prices are gross prices, and pertain to one cat and one or two feedings per day.

In all cases our cat-sitting service (per feeding) includes a 30-40 minute visit from our cat sitter, and the price also includes prior consultation.

Before the first sitting you will have a personal consultation with the local cat sitter assigned to you and you can give them all the necessary information then, when you can extensively discuss your cat’s needs and habits.

Currently we are able to provide services in Budapest’s downtown area (districts I, V, VI, VII, VIII) and in certain outer districts and in certain parts of districts II., III., IV., IX., X., XI., XII., XIII., XIV., XVI., XVII. XVIII. XIX. XXI. without an extra charge, but we are working to be able to cover the entire area of Budapest in the near future.

If your own district is not included in these, contact us and we’ll try to find a solution (in certain outer districts we can currently provide services only with the addition of an extra fee, which is is 1,000 HUF. ).

Availability of LocalCat Catsitter-service in Budapest

We do not charge an extra fee for weekends.

On bank holidays we add an extra charge of +1,500 HUF to the fee. At Christmas (on the 24th, 25th and 26th), New Year’s Eve and at Easter we can also take care of your cat for a +1,500 HUF surcharge.

In cases of force majeure, if our LocalCat sitters need to stay on site longer than contracted, an additional hourly fee of 3,500 HUF shall be charged to the client (for each hour of work started).

After you have sent your cat-sitting order form to LocalCat, you may cancel your order under the following conditions:

  • cancellation 4-7 days prior to the start of the service will result in a charge of 50% of the whole amount of the cat-sitting fee to be paid based on your order.
  • cancellation 0-3 days prior to the start of service, or following the start of service, will require the entire amount of the cat-sitting fee to be paid based on your order.

Our cat sitters devote their full attention and care to the pets under their care, so their capacities are limited on a daily basis. They can only visit a certain number of addresses at a time, and last-minute cancellations mean we cannot service other clients who need cat-sitting.