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LoacalCat - Cicaszitter szolgálat, Budapest

Your cats are looked

after in their home


…while you are away so that you can rest easy
knowing they will be happily purring until you come back!


What services does LocalCat provide? LocalCat is an in home pet service. The cat sitter feeds and takes care of your kitty in their own familiar environment when you travel and need someone to look after them. Our pet lover cat sitters go to your home so that your cat can stay in their comfort zone and feel safe – we look after them just the way you do.

During each cat visit…

we feed

we send you pictures

we give fresh water

we spoil

we keep the cat litter box clean

we play

we water your plants

About us

Our own experiences led us to create our LocalCat cat-sitter service. Being cat owners ourselves, we continuously struggled with who to trust our kitty-cats with when we travelled (summer holidays, business trips, long weekends away). We asked friends and family members to feed our furry friends when we needed help, but over the years we started to feel that we were asking for too many favours.