The LocalCat story

Our own experiences led us to create our LocalCat cat-sitter service.

Being cat owners ourselves, we continuously struggled with who to trust our kitty-cats with when we travelled (summer holidays, business trips, long weekends away).

We asked friends and family members to feed our furry friends when we needed help, but over the years we started to feel that we were asking for too many favours.

We would have loved to have cat sitters, but we could not find a company to provide a reliable and comprehensive service.

It was then we came to the idea of a cat-sitter service, and soon after we started LocalCat.

Since trust is key when it comes to cats and flats, we ourselves form the core of the LocalCat team, and have been partnering with caring cat sitters for nearly three years who we fully trust our own pets with.

We work excusively with cat sitters who we know very well personally and are extremely responsible – in addition to being big fans of felines.

LocalCat cat-sitter service divides parts of Budapest by district so that our cat sitters can visit cats in the areas they often go to (workplaces, residences, etc.). This allows our cat sitters to regularly visit their same furry clients (depening on the cat sitter’s capacity) and to get to our clients’ places quickly and easily.

With LocalCat, your kitty-cat gets to stay in their comfortable surroundings and have a familiar, friendly cat sitter come visit so that you can feel stress-free and secure while you are away from your beloved pets.

You can turn to us with confidence that you will benefit from LocalCat’s professional cat-sitter service.


We work excusively with cat sitters who have references of many years and whom we completely trust. We are not simply intermediaries for cat sitters, but work together with them as a team so that you can be sure that we personally know your cat sitter.


Our cat sitters have already fed and caregiving several kittens in their owners’ absence – all of them understand the language of cats and love and pamper
the little pet clients entrusted to them as their own. They see taking care
of your cats as both a responsibility and as relaxing and fun.


Our cat sitters arrive on time for the appointment agreed in advance, and feed your cat at the time you specify. Our cat sitters travel by bicycle or public transport in the city centre in order to avoid delays.


LocalCat cat-sitter service is all about maximum flexibility.
We take care of your pet based on their individual needs and try to adjust to their daily routine as much as possible.


Responsibility and reliability are key for us.
With a preliminary personal consultation, you can be assured our cat sitters are well-prepared.
They will send you photo reports from each of their actual visits, which are also monitored by LocalCat.


If there are any problems with your cat, we take immediate action: we inform you right away and take your pet to the vet you have designated (on weekends to a veterinary clinic). Our cat sitters receive the help of the LocalCat “back office” as well, so we work together to resolve any trouble as soon as possible.


Your home will be watched daily, in addition to your kitty-cat – any perceptible camera motion on your property works to keep burglars away.
If you have a surveillance camera/webcam in or around your home, we kindly ask you to inform us about this in advance as the consent of the cat sitter is required for recording purposes.

Our clients said

  • Rólunk mondták - LocalCat
    Very glad to have stumbled across LocalCat. Thanks to them, we really had no worries travelling for Eastern. They responded right away, so by the next day we easily but thoroughly discussed every detail. I had full trust in the sitter from the first moment on, and indeed, she took great, actually, loving care of our two cats, Brave and Shy. Hope I can count on them in the future, I’d definitely be a returning costumer.
  • Rólunk mondták - LocalCat
    Great reliable catsitter service that I will definetely use again. I got Cute and personal daily updates about how my cats were doing. It was a great relief to see that they were taken good care of.
  • Rólunk mondták - LocalCat
    Great reliable catsitter service that I will definetely use again. I got Cute and personal daily updates about how my cats were doing. It was a great relief to see that they were taken good care of.
  • Rólunk mondták - LocalCat
    Punctual, kind and very reliable. Love the little messages and photos every day while away.